MiLift® – modular integration to meet customer needs 

In Hong Kong, TK Elevator recently installed its first commercialized modular elevator, MiLift®, which enables off-site construction and installation on a superstructure’s exterior. Most of all, it fulfilled the customer’s need for a turn-key, time-saving solution with the highest safety standards.

Customers move us 

Solutions for mobility technology in urban centers demand more than moving people up and down, or from A to Z. We’ve known this for a long time and therefore always work closely with our customers to evolve innovations aligned with their particular needs. TK Elevator has partnered with Hong Kong and Mainland China’s construction and public works sector for over twenty years, repeatedly innovating solutions that support their needs in the region. 

One recent example was the development of MiLift®. The Hong Kong government was looking for modular integrated construction (MiC) concepts to meet the growing need for time-saving and cost-effective elevator solutions. As a first example, an overhead bridge in the Western New Territories of Tuen Mun required a new elevator for exterior installation. Constructing the elevator on-site would have been a slow process in a limited space, not to mention an unnecessary cause of noise, waste and an impediment to the flow of people. 

MiLift® delivered the perfect solution. Manufacturing and assembly were able to take place in the Guangdong province, in an industrial area. Transported horizontally on a truck, once onsite, the modular elevator was easily installed using a lift pit crane and rope suspension. All that had to be done then was testing and commissioning.  

The result was delivery within a short lead time, while upholding the highest safety standards, which are crucial for public works and infrastructure projects. The installation also marked the first commercialized application of a MiC elevator concept in Hong Kong. 

Most importantly, TK Elevator didn’t just meet our customer half-way – we delivered a complete turn-key solution, from manufacturing to logistics to installation. It will certainly not be the last, as the advantages for city planners, construction companies and even the wider public are great.

Advantages on multiple levels 

MiLift® raises the bar on elevator installation for everyone involved, with unprecedented benefits over conventional elevator installation practices.  

One major advantage is the ability to retrofit for a diverse range of applications. Whether for inside or outside a building, on overhead bridges, subways or low-rise buildings, it can be installed in any lift structure, or its shaft pre-fabricated for a building as a module. 

The project owner benefits from off-site assembly, reduced manpower and less time needed to install the elevator, as well as improved safety, e.g. due to less need for storage and security at the building site. 

The environment also benefits. The streamlined manufacturing and installation process helps to reduce emissions, waste and the overall carbon footprint, e.g. through the reduction of shipping, packaging and waste. 

Ultimately, the public notices a difference, as well. Shorter construction time translates into less noise and air pollution and, most importantly, less downtime, especially important for overhead bridges and subway applications. 

“The practical benefits offered by milift such as shortened construction time, reduced wastage, increased quality and greater safety are crucial in construction works, and can make a valuable benefit to the community in terms of increased accessibility.”

Dr. Johnny Leung CEO Southeast Asia at TK Elevator

When change matters 

Like many of our innovations, MiLift® was created with our customer in mind. As the sectors of construction, public transportation and infrastructure move to deliver greater sustainability, efficiency and excellent customer experience, TK Elevator prides itself on moving with them to enact real, positive change. 

MiLift® is currently only available in Hong Kong.