Escalaphobia, the triangle of escalator safety, and user tips

Have you ever heard of escalaphobia, the fear of escalators? This story offers a practical list of “dos & don’ts” to help users to alleviate their fears, combat their phobias, and stay safe while using escalators.

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TK Elevator celebrates twenty years of TWIN

The remarkable TWIN elevator uses two cabins – moving independently in one shaft – to safely transport more passengers in fewer elevator shafts, thus freeing more rentable space at reduced construction cost and energy consumption. TK Elevator salutes the 20-year anniversary of this unique form of urban mobility – and the continuing digital evolution of sustainable buildings and cities.


EOX – an elevator for the times

Buildings & construction combined cause 40% of global energy consumption and 36% percent of energy-related CO2. So it’s high time to introduce more sustainable and digitalized elevators in residential buildings! The answer? TK Elevator announces the launch of EOX in Europe.


Ciel: taking hotels to a new level

As Dubai prepares to open the world’s tallest hotel in 2024, customers will rest easy knowing that TK Elevator installed over 20 of its elevators, 15 of which are high-speed, ensuring seamless and safe mobility.


MiLift® – modular integration to meet customer needs 

In Hong Kong, TK Elevator recently installed its first commercialized modular elevator, MiLift®, which enables off-site construction and installation on a superstructure’s exterior. Most of all, it fulfilled the customer’s need for a turn-key, time-saving solution with the highest safety standards.