EOX – an elevator for the times

Buildings & construction combined cause 40% of global energy consumption and 36% percent of energy-related CO2. So it’s high time to introduce more sustainable and digitalized elevators in residential buildings! The answer? TK Elevator announces the launch of EOX in Europe.

Raising elevator standards for everyone

An increasing proportion of the world’s population is moving into urban residential buildings. In most of these, the elevator is an everyday part of life, serving residents’ most basic transportation needs. Imagine an elevator, however, that goes beyond its purely functional role and offers added value, enhancing passengers’ lives and benefiting the environment, as well.

In the past, skyscrapers were the driving force of innovation in the elevator sector, pushing the envelope in speed and technology. Now TK Elevator has packaged that innovation into an elevator for less lofty residential structures in Europe – the EOX. It is a fusion of the latest energy-saving and digital technologies, bringing high-rise elevator expertise and sustainability to low-rise buildings on the European market.

The digital native

Riding an EOX is an immersive experience, as digitalization is infused from the bottom up. That means the digital hardware is not added afterwards, but built in as standard. This top-of-the-line digitalization enhances all aspects of the elevator’s operation.

For example, just as with carsharing or any other mobility app, passengers can use their smartphones to call the next elevator. Inside the cabin, the built-in monitor shares the latest news or the local weather report. Furthermore, features like the digital emergency system or the cabin optical sensor ensure improved passenger safety.

The innovation is also designed to last and grow. The integrated cloud connectivity and data processor created with Microsoft and NVIDIA mean the EOX can tap into future solutions, as well, whether coming from IoT, AI or elsewhere. So the elevator evolves with the customer and building over time.

The energy-saving mover

Today’s urban dwellers not only seek technologies that provide seamless services, but also help reduce a building’s carbon footprint. EOX’s digitalization contributes to improving efficiency, a longer life-cycle and greater sustainability.

Energy-savings begin even before installation. EOX is manufactured in TK Elevator’s European factories that run on 100% renewable electricity. The EOX is also made of lighter and pre-assembled components which require less packaging and resources to transport and install.

After the EOX is up and running, the long-term energy-saving features are manifold. The regenerative drive feeds energy back into the building grid and a dashboard gives customers updates on consumption, savings and recuperated energy. Other factors are the weight-optimized design, plus an eco-mode that learns and adjusts to traffic patterns. Overall, the EOX uses 28% less energy to operate compared to TK Elevator’s previous offerings in this segment.

Finally, digitally-enabled predictive maintenance results in more up-time, which also reduces the resources and energy needed for unexpected servicing.

EOX – changing the way residents move

The lighter, more energy-efficient and digitally-native EOX is launching in several markets across Europe. TK Elevator production sites have even introduced an improved order-to-delivery process – a touchless system enabling TKE sales representatives to send the desired elevator configurations directly to production. The elevator can thus be on site in a shorter time, which helps to meet ever tighter construction schedules.

Once installed, the elevator experience in residential buildings will be transformed. Passengers will be able to use their smartphone to call up the next EOX and register the floor they want to go to, while captivating digital experiences await them in the cabin.

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