Schneller hoch hinaus im neuen Hotel Ciel 

In Dubai steht 2024 die Eröffnung des höchsten Hotels der Welt an. Gäste können sich jetzt schon auf mehr als 20 Aufzüge von TK Elevator freuen – 15 davon sind Hochgeschwindigkeitsaufzüge. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit den Architekten sorgt TK Elevator für eine sichere und effiziente Mobilität im Gebäude.

A record-breaking high-rise hotel

When Ciel opens on the Dubai Marina in 2024, it will reach a height of 365 meters, becoming the tallest and one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. Conceived by global architecture and engineering firm NORR’s Dubai studio, this super high-rise tower cuts no corners in terms of design. The building’s sleek glass and steel structure, characterized by its elegant tapering form, will be distinctively eye-catching in the Dubai skyline.

Remarkably, Dubai already boasts six of the world’s tallest hotels. Yet, Ciel promises to stand out as one of the city’s most iconic buildings and a new landmark. In addition to suites and luxury rooms, the hotel will provide offers on all levels, such as an observation deck on the top floor with a 360-degree view, an infinity pool on level 76 and outdoor gardens located in each ocean-facing atrium along the height of the tower.

Elevators befitting an upscale hotel

A hotel like Ciel is not only distinguished by its architectural design and luxurious interiors, but also by its unique guest experience and services. So, of course, visitors will expect seamless access to wherever they are going in the 82-floor hotel. Waiting in line for an elevator is a definite no-go!

This is where TK Elevator and our team of high-rise experts stepped in. The goal was clear: ensure in-house mobility that gets passengers to great heights and in the fastest time. 15 specially designed high-speed elevators, which meet the demands of tall buildings, were installed. Four of these units move passengers at the astounding speed of 8m/s. Ciel is thereby one of the very few buildings in the Middle East to use such high-speed units.

Partners in luxury – and efficiency

In hotel and high-rise construction, contractors need partners with experience in planning and innovation. TK Elevator’s Sales Support team were on the ground during construction, preparing traffic studies, mapping out different scenarios and evaluating detailed structural design solutions.

Sergio Garzon, UAE Managing Director at TK Elevator, adds: “The extraordinary and dedicated efforts of our team in the development of shop drawings and elevator-specific construction details, as well as the invaluable support we got from the Zhongshan factory, were key to meeting the customer’s stringent goals and requirements.”

Together, we arrived at a mobility concept that met the project’s performance specifications in terms of speed and efficiency, while also being economical. The pre-planning and teamwork helped make a dream into reality: a cost-effective, state-of-the art mobility product delivering the fastest and most secure transportation possible for the hotel’s future guests and visitors.

TK Elevator rising to the challenge

In the construction sector, the size and scope of building projects show no sign of abating. In-house mobility solutions will need to keep up as they continue to enable safe, comfortable and fast transportation. With the near-completion of this new project, TK Elevator is showing we make the grade not only as a provider of state-of-the art elevators, but also as an excellent planning partner who understands our customers’ needs and aspirations.

Image &  Video Credits:

The First Group & NORR Group